Readability and Bugmenot Make Browsing Better

If you read a lot of online content (blogs, news, etc.) you may have been frustrated by websites which fill the screen with so many ads that the actual content incredibly hard to read - or bloggers who make their text color so close to their background color you have to strain your eyes to make out the words.

Readability is an incredibly useful bookmarklet (a bookmark which performs a function) which solves this problem by removing everything on a webpage but the content you want to read. Click this link - Readability - to check out how how it works on my blog. If you want to use it, drag the link to the bookmarks toolbar in your browser. Now whenever you're on a page you can't read very well, just click the link. If you want to customize it, you can do so on the Readability website.

Another extremely useful bookmarklet is Bugmenot. Bugmenot is a website which provides usernames and passwords for websites which require login information - preventing you from having to go through tedious registrations which many sites require in order to view their content. Just drag this link - Bugmenot - to your bookmarks toolbar and click it whenever you're asked to register for something.

These two simple apps have made browsing so much better for me. Hope you find them helpful!