Top 10 FREE Windows Apps!

In keeping with my desire to become an information maven, here are my top 10 favorite free Windows apps.

1. Firefox (internet browser)

Surprise, surprise. But if you love customization and awesome plugins to help you browse better, there's no better way to experience the internet.

2. iTunes (media organizer/player)

Sure, it's bloated (version 8.1 is 87 meg and this thing hogs memory), but I haven't found a better way to organize and listen to my music library.

3. Foxit Reader (pdf reader)

People, DITCH ADOBE READER NOW. It's bloated, it takes forever to load (why do I need 250 plugins to read a pdf?) and it has nothing on this small, clean, killer app.

4. PSPad Editor (text/code editor)

If you do any HTML or PHP coding, this is a great editor. I am in love with the FTP and "reformat code" features.

5. Zipgenius (zip program)

Simple, clean, free way to handle all kinds of zipped archives. Use this if Windows' built-in zip features won't cut it or if you're getting tired of Winzip (like everyone else).

6. Skype (voice over internet)

This program lets me talk and "video chat" with my overseas friends for free. Amazing.

7. Google Chrome (internet browser)

I tried to resist for months, but Google Chrome's blazing speed is slowly eroding away my Firefox loyalty.

8. Windirstat (hard drive space analyzer)

See what's taking up your hard drive, graphically. The best tool I've found for figuring out what needs to go from my hard drive.

Stupid name, awesome replacement for the Windows calculator. This is basically a graphing calculator, but I turn the graphing features off and use it for its multi-line display.

10. Resizer (bulk image resizer)

Need to resize a ton of images, all at once? My buddy Josh showed me this little app back in 2003 and I've used it ever since. The website which hosted it is gone now, so I uploaded it myself just for you!

Honorable mentions:

Multi-mon taskbar - If you use dual monitors, this creates a taskbar for your second monitor to host only the applications being displayed on that monitor.

PDF creator - An easy-to-use pdf creator. It acts like a printer which you can print to from any program - only the output is a pdf!

Picasa - I don't really use this sort of thing, but if you need to organize and/or share photos, this is the app to do it with.